28 June 2007

Trust Me, It's Not a Doctored Photo

There we were, the sun was going down. The cool wind blowing in from Wyoming.

Then, from above the crest of the hill, we heard them. We heard 40+ of them. Coming our way.

The little ones at first.

Then the Mothers.

Then the Teenagers.

Then the Fathers.

Then the King, the Master of the Herd, the Behemoth of the Buffalo.

Standing over 8 feet tall. He was the last to come over the crest, as if to say to HIS herd, "I am king, move that car out of the way so I don't have to walk around."

Of course, the high quality camera I had was not enough of a picture to capture all of him, just his eyes in the dark.

He was huge, and was just calmly watching over his 'Family'. Where was the Crocodile Hunter when you needed him? I don't think there is a Buffalo Hunter, at least not living. I wouldn't think about looking oddly at one of the 50 lb babies.

Hmm...they are beautiful, and they say there are 3-4 herds in this area. That's a lot of 'Buffalo Piles'.

Then, after winning the staring contest, he meandered across the dirt road as if to say, "Now that my family is across the street, you may pass. Don't tell anyone what you saw here tonight."

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