08 June 2007

The Army and the Boy Scouts

My Chief Warrant Officer and I (and about 5 other guys) are doing some training with our reserve unit. He is a 20 year veteran and has been around the block. He is an aviator, dustoff pilot, been to Iraq, Kuwait ('91), and other places. He knows his stuff. After some typical Hurry Up and Wait things with our higher headquarters, he turns around to me and says:

"Sir, do you know what the difference between the Boy Scouts and the U.S. Army is?"

"No I don't Chief, what is it?"

" We have artillery, they don't."

After realizing he was absolutly right, and 10 minutes of humorous reflection, I though about that. I had to correct him, though.
I said, "Chief, considering some other items today, there is no difference. You know those MRE heaters that when you add water to them, they heat up? Well, as you know, if you mix the powder into a 2 liter bottle and twist on the cap, it will explode. Well, both of my sons love to do that and what them blow up. Therefore, one could consider that similar to an artillery piece. The only item they are missing is the launch vehicle!"
He replied, "That's scary. Our local troop would probably do a much better job than some of the units we dealing with here."

Hmm...some points to ponder about our national security.

Of course our unit is not one of them. We have our 'Stuff' together. All of us have been to Iraq (some multiple times) and know how to get stuff done. This is our unit's 'Crest' from their time in Iraq. I was there the same time, but doing a Civil Affairs mission. I think it's pretty cool.

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