10 June 2007


It was 89 degrees when I left home, and up in the Black Hills of South Dakota/Wyoming it was 33 degrees, snowing, and 50-60 MPH gusts. When I called back home, it was 91 with miserable humidity.

Which is worse? My motto has always been to be hot rather than cold. I think that changed when I went to Iraq, when the thermostat hit 138 degrees. I would rather have been cold!

It is a nice respite from the heat and humidity. As long as we have our 'snivel gear'- clothing items for wimps who can't handle the cold weather- we are doing just fine.

Anyone up for a snowball fight?

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Rebekah said...

Considering that the humidity and heat are already making it feel like a sauna outside, and it's not even 8:00 yet this morning, a snowball fight sounds sort of inviting! I know some kids who would think that's just the way to start this June morning, seeing as they are always hoping mightily for snow whenever winter comes around and have been disappointed the past three years.