01 June 2007

Purposeful Denominational Ignorance

Caveat, I do understand the times we live in. We need to be discerning and harsh when it comes to apostate preaching in our churches. We need to test the spirits.

http://www.christianresearchnetwork.com/, where Ken Silva is Editor, for the most part helps many of us to be aware of the apostasy that is attempting to creep into the Christian Church. However, it seems many times recently he enjoys tearing down brothers in Christ with snippy, smarmy, and flippant comments. Many times, it is quite ignorant and the 'research' in 'christianresearchnetwork.com' is quite often skewed to fit his 'agenda'

His recent article mentions Al Mohler's recent article about a recent event in the Methodist Church, then goes on to make points about Al Mohler's comments about the UMC problems, and accuses him of not making the same comments about the SBC.

As an SBC pastor, Mr. Silva is quick to personally attack people and leaders.

My theory is that Ken Silva may be ordained as an SBC pastor, but he does not demonstrate a very good understanding of how the local Baptist church relates to the SBC as a whole. Any SBC person, especially a pastor, knows how the SBC works and is set up and how the Seminaries are set up. Those churches who desire to ordain women pastors, endorse homosexuality, question the authenticity of scripture, etc, unfortunately might choose to affiliate with the SBC, but in reality that is why the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship was founded almost 20 years ago. There is a reason those apostate churches choose to dually affiliate with the CBF and the SBC. They want the SBC name and resources (and the numbers generated by those older members who want the SBC affiliation and would leave if there were a complete break), yet want the liberal, ungodly theology of the CBF. There are many churches like this. They are the churches of Laodicea.

He spreads disinformation and inflammatory rhetoric to those who are not SBC. He bears false witness toward others outside the SBC denomination. Those outsiders do not understand the workings of the SBC. It is foreign to them. The SBC does not own churches nor employ pastors, like the UMC, PCA, ELCA, and most other Protestant denominations. Each church is autonomous and is freely to affiliate with any organization. Of course, he will deny this.

However, it is obvious he enjoys looking for fights. In fact, I personally know of a church in our own association that chose to be dually aligned with the CBF and the SBC, and our association has told the pastor he can no longer serve on the committees or in postions of leadership as long as his church is affiliated with the CBF. So, to say that no one in the SBC is acting on these kinds of things is not true. These things are typically handled by the local association, not necessarily addressed by the larger Convention.

Unfortunately Ken Silva's message of discernment (which is great ministry tool) gets lost in his rhetoric and personal attacks. He misses the target and loses his effectiveness when he attacks those who are fighting the battle for us and consistently speaking about things that are wrong in evangelicalism today.

Those who claim to be a 'Baptist', which may include over 25 separate entities of 'Baptist'. Of course, one could argue whether some Baptists are truly Christians (we can chase that rabbit in sooooo many directions). Let's redo this map and narrow the search and use the non-negotiables of the faith and then see the distribution of all so-called believers.

I would speculate that not only would the distribution change, but the actual numbers would too. That is what Jesus weeps over when He looks down on this world.

Many will claim the title 'Christian', yet in the Final Judgement, He will say to many:

'I never knew you, depart from me you doer of iniquity'

(Matthew 7:23)

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