08 November 2006

Our Local 'Rag'

Our local newspaper, or 'Rag', is the Beaufort Gazette. What a wonderful piece of literary work it is!

It fits right in there with the 'Onion', Mad Magazine, and 'Grit' in it's accuracy, credibility and believability. Why do I say this? The 'Rag' definitely has an agenda, and has a small-town unsophisticated way to promote it. I am still wondering what it is, and they probably are too! Here is why-

1. When I wrote an editorial on our school district's International baccalaureate program (anti), I was given 25o words for my article. However, a rebuttal was given by a teacher/administrator who 'came out of retirement' to institute it in one of our high schools. Her 'editorial' was given 800+ words, a picture, and a small bio on the writer. Hmm...

2. Four days before the election, the 'Rag' ran a front page article about candidate A's poor business record, tax problems, and other items. All of which have been know for quite some time and was public record. Who was this guy's opponent? A former employee of the 'Rag' a few years back. Candidate A's response was denied because 'Rag' policy prohibits editorials from political candidates. Hmm...

As the Church Lady used to say, "How Conveeeeenient!"

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