02 November 2006

Opening Volley

As my first post, I should explain the purpose of this blog. My wife started a bloc after years of encouraging her to do so. She finally did, and has something to do with a front porch. We finally have a house with a front porch, and she regularly takes our baby girl and rocks her to sleep. It is a nice thing to have.

However, many people spend way too much time on their 'mental frontporch'.

We all know who these people are, and we see them everyday. However, these people are most evident in our Nation's airports. Why do people have the need to drink a 128 ounce Starbuck's coffee while they are boarding the plane? Of course, they have a window seat in the same row that I have an aisle seet. You guessed it, not more than a minute they are complaining about having to go #1 but are not allowed to get up yet.

My blogs will relate to several things- Dilbert Experiences, Seinfeld Situations, and other general discussions.

Remember- People are usually in one of three groups: 1. Common-Sense People who are in touch with reality and are moving along in life and rolling with it's punches (5%). 2. People who are mentally handicapped from no actions of their own and need assistance in some activities of daily living (5%). 3. People who are clueless as to what is going on around them. Self-Inflicted Stupidity is a good term, like the guy noted above.

Many posts will revolve around witnessing #3 people in action!

My life's motto: "Life is a Series of Choices".

-Some people choose wisely, others have no clue what I'm talking about!


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