11 November 2006

Ignorant Buffoon

A writer wrote (huh?, redundant, I know) an OP-ED piece in the local Rag. It was about illegal immigration. Although her article was logically incoherent, which is a requirement for publication in The Rag, what was most entertaining about it was the lack of grammatical oversight.

Go to http://www2.beaufortgazette.com/beaufort_county_council_laches#comment-14954 and read this article in the 'Blog' section. As of RIGHT NOW, it is there. However, the Rag probably shuts down after 8pm so their mules can rest for the night before they have to power the ink presses, delaying power to the servers.

Don't quit after the first sentence. Just like an open wound, it gets numb if you pour enough salt into it. Then, as the doctor gives you something for the 'pain', you get easily humored- just like this article will. Be patient and keep reading- it is better than an issue of Mad Magazine.

Just think, this person votes. Well, maybe not, one has to be a citizen to vote. Oops, except in Chicago and Los Angeles...I stand corrected.

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