11 January 2012

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is like Newt Gingrich (or even Al Gore)- extremely smart and their thoughts/stances cannot be boiled down to one 'sound bite'. Which is why most people like them do not make it this far in national politics.

This is the problem with our electorate- the collective 'we' want a flashy, make me feel good kind of candidate, or the 'empty suit'. Paul's ideas are outside of the 'mainstream' and is proud to not subscribe to 'group-think'. His definitions of 'Patriotism' and defeating an enemy is different than the others.

He supports the troops by defining what he means down deep- not just the rhetoric. Any politician that is worth their salt will tell you the good, bad and the ugly (Soc Sec benefits cannot be sustained, we need to cut X, Y and Z to balance the budget, etc)

The ill-informed electorate (majority of those that vote, unfortunately) is not smart enough to process this information- so they vote for the guy in the empty-suit with a flashy smile. Paul is not a flashy guy with a million-dollar smile. Personally, I am pleased to see that he is gaining some traction on the 'Libertarian' side of the GOP.

This is a similar problem the Judicial system has problems- a ignorant jury pool. The lawyers on either side want a group of lemmings who are easily swayed. Stupid. If you think and have a methodical mind and do not subscribe to 'group think'- you are disqualified. Maybe it is time to have a full-time jury! They are skilled at critical thinking, decision-making and seeing through the Bull that lawyers feed them.

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