17 January 2012

Power Point Lesson

As staff officers in today's Army (even in the civilian world), we often hide behind Power Point bullet comments (aka sentence fragments) to mask our poor command the English Language.

This is demonstrated by the video clip below. Just imagine the same group wearing uniforms and you have the perfect example.


Here at ILE, we have written two papers already (out of a total of six, I believe). Writing is a lost art, as we can see how poorly written the Army Regulations are. I have been a part of three regulation re-writes during my tour at the Army Human Resources Command, and can testify that coherent (and grammatically correct) is nearly non-existent.

I fear that this will continue, as a society as a whole, as technology improves and more Data-Underlying-Messaging-Base-Abbreviated-Syntax-Systems takes hold. (yeah, you figured out the abbreviation!)

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