21 January 2012

Postmonderism, Culture and America

What is the definition of Postmodernism?

Deconstruction of what is TRUTH. Where truth comes from. Albert Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary presents an excellent lecture on what Postmodernism is, obviously from a Biblical Worldview.

One can ignore the 'Christian Evangelism' point of view, but has wide-ranging implications for our society as a whole. 'What does it mean to you' is a postmodern statement that is increasing in popularity.

We had some great discussions in class yesterday concerning Culture and the American perspective. What is culture? Does America have a 'culture'? Is our culture better than others? What makes us different from Great Britain, France or Russia? History, language, dialect, accent, religion, etc all come together to create a culture. What does that say about America?

The underlying question for America is: are we a Melting Pot Society or are we a Multicultural Society? First we must properly define multiculturalism. There are two great tidal waves that are coming toward each other in America. We are witnessing this in slow motion in America today.

One hold dear to Truth. This foundation is not solely owned by Evangelical Christians. It is also held by Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Orthodox, Judaism and others. These hold to basic tenants of fundamental right and wrong. There is a social fabric that holds to a greater meaning, purpose of life.

The other belief system are today coined as 'progressives' or post-modernists. There is no meaning but your own. You our 'progressive' in your thinking because you have become enlightened in thinking. When you listen to this broadcast, it will open your eyes. We see this, unfortunately, in the 'Post Modern' churches (and I use 'churches' very loosely). Rob Bell is an excellent example where the Bible no longer holds any authority, because the authority belongs to the reader.

One of the largest components of any culture is Religion. Religion, orthodoxy of any kind, is becoming irrelevant. However, history has shown when a society and nations disregard some notion of Truth, self-destruction is close at hand.

Read 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand. Although the novel dismisses religion or a 'God', it attests to the fact that there must be a moral authority code. Relativism is destructive. Right and wrong must have a basis upon a foundation, not merely changing with one's opinions.

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Rebekah said...

You know, about 21 years ago I wrote a paper for my Education Curriculum class in college where I argued that there are values that cross cultural boundaries and that many cultures hold to be true and worth holding up as desirable traits - things like honor, honesty, integrity, looking out for other's interests, etc. You know that biggest criticism I got? I was too "white-bread". I had done extensive research to prove the point, but they were more concerned with what even then was becoming the 'group-think' among the academic elites with political correctness and loss of objective truth.