06 May 2007

Innerancy of the Word

Number two on the list of items that are Absolutes for Christians is the Innerancy of the Word.

We just finished an introductory study in Apologetics from one of our truly gifted members in our Church. The teacher is in his 'second' career as a Christian Scientist. He led us through Scripture to show how Genesis is proven throughout the New Testament. It was truly amazing.

Similar to John MacArthur's premise that when one denies the Innerancy of the Scripture, one's salvation is seriously compromised. Christ is the Word. Question the Word is to Question Christ.

If one believes in Evolution, then one denies the Genesis account. Deny Genesis, then Deny Christ. Christ was in the beginning. John 1:1 is pretty plain and simple. In the beginning was the Word (Greek translation = Christ), and the Word (Greek=Christ) was with God (Greek I AM), and the Word (Christ) was God (I AM).

This simple verse has profound theological implications. It lays the foundation for who Christ was/is/ever shall be. It clearly defines the Trinity. It clearly defines Jesus as the Messiah. The Word cannot be changed, as it existed before time, and was only written down through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by men.

Without error.


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