01 July 2013

Fourth week, fourth church!

I attended Churchill Baptist Church this past Sunday.  It was refreshing to visit a church that was somewhat smaller and very similar to my home church in E'Town.


After using my criteria outlined in an earlier post, this church was at the top of my list to visit.  And I did.  I was encouraged by the Pastor's recent sermon series in Romans 8.  It appeared that he had spent a lot of time in Romans, and specifically in Romans 8.

Expositional preaching is something that I have come to treasure and seek in a church and pastor.  It is not a something that would be a sole-deciding factor, but I want a pastor/teacher that will describe the verses and dig a little. 

To me, a little Greek here and a little Hebrew there goes a long way!  Furthermore, any pastor that is not afraid to preach through Romans 8 without skipping verses is a pastor who is honoring the Word of God.  So many pastors today will skip verse 29 and others in this passage to avoid any controversy.

With that, he finished chapter 8 this past Sunday and I will summarize it this way:  Paul has three sets of five imperatives in this chapter:

Five Convictions:
1.  He is at work
2.  For the good of us
3.  There is good in everything He does.  It is just not always the carnal man's definition of good.
4.  His good is for those that love Him, Repent of their sins and submit to His Lordship.
5.  And who are called according to His purpose.

Five Undeniable Affirmations
1.  Predestined to His image
2.  First among men
3.  Called out
4.  Justified
5.  Glorified

Five Unanswerable Questions (Paul's Throwdowns!)
1.  Who is against us?
2.  Who will take care of us?
3.  Who condemns us?
4.  Who will separate us from Him?
5.  Who will bring any charge against His chosen?

It was a great message.  I will  visit again, probably on Wednesday.  And not just because they have a Wednesday evening meal!

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