01 July 2013

Drew's Top Ten Reasons NOT to visit a church

I am being extremely judgmental.  I can be- it is my blog!  I do judge a church on it's public image- what a church shows on the outside (website, information, etc) tells the public a lot about their beliefs and doctrine.  Paul wrote his letters to various churches based on what he heard about them.  They were not acting like the Bride of Christ!

After parsing through a list of twenty churches I finally made a list. Kind of like Jeff Foxworthy's approach:

1. If you don't have a website, I may not visit you.
2. If  your links include people like Joel Olsteen/Joyce Meyer/Creflo Dollar, I definitely will not visit.
3. If they are affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, I will not visit.

4.  If the Pastor's page included a LOT about himself, I may not be visiting!

5.  If you use words like 'relevant', 'missional', or 'on purpose', I may visit after exhausting all others!

6.  If you accept the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message (and make a big issue of it), I probably won't stop by!  (look it up, there is a reason why a church would go this way- then see #3- there is a connection!)

7.  If your church meets in a coffee house, donut shop, or bar, I will not break bread with your fellowship

8.  If anyone of the ministerial staff wears glasses like Rob Bell, then will assume that Hell is not real and that I don't need your church.  Buh-Bye!

9.  If your church newsletter quotes an author's (false teacher, perhaps?) paraphrase of an actual Bible verse for your 'Bible Thought of the Day', I will probably not be subscribing to your newsletter!

10.  If your church wants me to 'Experrience my Spirituality by reading a PowerPoint slide with water flowing and fiery flames in order to help me realize my happy feelings about my Daddy (God) and Bro (Jesus) then go and do some community service project so I can wear a cool t-shirt and feel better about my self (works)-  Good Bye!

I know that #10 is a huge run-on sentence, but you get my point! 

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