25 March 2010


Why is it OK for people over eight years to vilify President Bush. For years those on the left showed the POTUS, VPOTUS, and SECDEF in crosshairs. Congressmen (Murtha, Pelosi, Durbin) openly called Marines 'Warmongers', Sailors and Soldiers at GITMO Nazi Gestapo, and the list keeps going. The MSM opines about their right to Free Speech and how educated and sophisticated these positions are.

However, when the same happens from a Right's point of view it is very different. A Coffin in a the front yard to make an abortion statement? Pretty creative, however tasteless, but it makes a point. Yelling something like 'Baby Killer' in Congress? Doesn't compare to calling a Marine a Cold-Blooded Killer. These people are ignorant Red-Staters, Birthers, Right-Wing Radicals, Tea-baggers, and it continues.

Hopefully these people will run the course of the French Elites, Russian Aristocracy, and English Royalty in the next election...lose their electoral heads.

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