22 July 2009

Benefits of a Big Town

'Big City Living' has many benefits!!!

Here is one of them: Being able to take J & M downtown to the All Star Game and the All-Star Fan Fest. We had a great time as 'The Boys' enjoyed a great time downtown. With the Arch in the background, made this picture really special!!!

In East St. Louis...

We took the train 'across the river' to East St Louis. Yes, one would say East St. Louis is more dangerous than Sadr City in Baghdad...(or is at least neck and neck with Detroit)

The boys wanted to see the city from the 'other side' and walk back. Okay. I though about hitting the Blackjack Table at the 'President Casino' while on there, but would be too difficult asking a 'local' to watch the boys outside while I was bankrupting the family finances.


Needless to say, Michael beat both of us at the 'What's Your Call' booth. He was always the first to answer and was 100% in agreement with the 'Call at the Plate'. Well, whose to say the umpire's call was correct?

Doesn't Get Much Better than This

I must say that sitting on the patio watching J & M try to eat ribs, hearing the rumble of the Stealth Bomber flyover and just enjoying watching the boys enjoying all the action was priceless.

However, I must say that by the end of the night, the boys have no respect for our Beloved Leader. When we were leaving, the METRO station was right across the street. As we got ready to cross, out came the police tape and restricted all access to that entire stretch of street. We literally had to walk almost two miles around the entire stadium to get to the METRO station that was 30 feet away. They had to make way for all the security and motorcade.

The boys just couldn't understand why. They were very tired and think our Beloved Leader is very selfish, rude, and thinks he the King. This observation from only a little traffic inconvenience.

That's quite a description. I think that of our Beloved Leader, and my reasoning has nothing with traffic! Just wait boys! Your current opinion will only get more refined the more you read and study...

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