29 December 2008

Top Ten Things I Will Miss about Beaufort

10. The only traffic encountered is when the 'Turn Bridge' is open to let sailboats through and being able to see the dolphins swim along side the causeway.
9. The home we brought Boo to after she was born and where J & M had many friends of late.
8. The church were we got the best Bible teaching that may be hard to beat!
7. The best five years of my Army Career in Savannah at the 429th.
6. Fresh seafood straight from the dock to the grill!
5. The closeness of our staff at the hospital and our department. Great people and friends.
4. Small town feeling and security where most reported crime was petty and insignificant.
3. Driving onto Parris Island (Marine Recruit Depot), and having the Marines salute the car. For a long time my boys didn't know how they knew I was an officer- I told them it was my Jedi Powers! The finally figured out- on their own!- that it was the color of the sticker on the windshield!
2. Having my parents close by. It was great to have them so close- it won't be long when they will move back to Indiana where they will be only a couple of hours away.

And the Number One Thing I will miss about Beaufort, South Carolina

1. My daily runs with M.D.S. (my friend, mentor, and boss) who was my spiritual Paul during my five years working with him on many projects from actual 'work' to home repair! The Lord may surprise me, but it will be very hard to find someone like Mark to work for in the future!

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