19 December 2008

Top Ten List: Why I'm Glad to Be Leaving Beaufort

Top Ten

Things I will not miss about Beaufort, SC

10. Swing bridge open means your 20 minutes trip to Walmart is now 45".
9. War of Northern Aggression.
8. Dysfunctional School System and School Board.
7. Vast number of Liberal and Ungodly churches.
6. Limited number of Theologically-sound Biblically-based churches.
5. Racism: It is alive and well, both ways, in Beaufort.
4. Driving an hour to get to the closest Mall (Savannah).
3. More Mexican restaurants per-capita than Mexico City.
2. People think they are 'big shots' in Beaufort, but are nothing but a stinky fish in a very small pond.

And the Number One Reason why I am glad to be leaving Beaufort, SC...

1. Those !$%@*&@$ Sand fleas that only come out when the temperature and humidity are perfect for sitting on the Front Porch.

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