28 January 2008

Hypocrisy and Murder: Barak-Style

Barak 'The Baby Killer' Obama,

In my hospital parking lot, I have noticed quite a hypocrisy of sorts. It doesn't make sense, at least to this author and casual observer.

Maybe it is sad that some physicians, or medical professionals, are thought of being astute and scientifically savvy. Of course there are exceptions. Click on the Empty Suit, courtesy of the New Yorker, and read the article on Barak's Abortion Stance. This is not about the abortion debate, it is about murder. Cold Blooded Murder of living humans who survive birth but are unwanted. It is chilling to think this is someone who may win on charisma and flash. Some say he has no record to stand on, short on credentials.

I submit to you he does have a record to stand on. A scary and purely evil record. And just when you thought Barak was bad, read about his wife and her beliefs...


Abortion is a very important issue to me, but one that I don't especially line up with because I understand that there is more power in how the states treat this issue. The president usually does not have much legislative power (bar the Supreme Court) to affect this area. However, when it comes to the most heinous stances, sometimes it boils over and must be said.

Bottom line: I can understand physicians who are pro-life, pro-choice, anti-choice, pro-abortion. Call it what you want. But I cannot process with my mind how an Obstetrician, if he/she is worth their salt, look at the stance Obama has taken and be in favor of him? This is Obama's only significant stance he has taken during hit time in the Illinois Senate and the US Senate.

Of course they would probably say it is a minor thing, his message of change is what is important. Well, let's see and go back in time: 1935 a similar person had a message of Change and his name was Adolph Hitler. "Unite for the Good of the Fatherland" was his election mantle, sounds eerily similar to Obama's trademark saying in 2008. Hitler, as we all know now, began the 'extermination' of the less-than-desirables: Elderly, handicapped, gypsies, blacks, non-native Germans, finally the Jews.

Obama thinks it is acceptable to kill human beings because it might lead to the infringement on Roe v. Wade. What a pathetic and evil stance to take.

Obama, and those who stand with him, have innocent blood on their hands. Too bad that baby who survived birth, but died an hour later of starvation and exposure to the elements doesn't have a voice or a vote.

I guess for that doctor with the Obama sticker missed the day they discussed the "Do No Harm" class.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

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