24 August 2007

Ben Stein's 'Expelled'

I ran across this while doing a routine search this morning. Check out the trailer about Ben Stein's upcoming movie on Darwinism and evolution. The Secular Left's agenda is about more than abortion and blind political correctness.

A recent Pew research study found the following concerning 'evangelicals' and evolution:
(A summary is at this website for Indiana Baptist Perspectives)

"...In contrast, 40 percent said they believed that humans had evolved over time; but of those, 18 percent said that evolution was “guided by a supreme being,” and 26 percent said that evolution occurred through natural selection..."

What a slap in the face to our Almighty God by people who apparently see Genesis 1-11 as not literal but just a nice allegory.

Those who claim Christ as their Savior, dismiss the entire 'after His own image' verse about the creation of Adam. It seems to be a simple conclusion for me. Jesus, through Mary, is a decedent of Eve. God told Satan that there will be a seed that will 'Crush your head'. If we dismiss these foundational verses of the Redemptive act of Christ that is prophesied in Genesis, then we dismiss the entire purpose of redemption of Christ on the Cross.

As we have studied Genesis 1-11 in our Sunday School, then those people who subscribe to evolution and dismiss Genesis as just a story, then their belief in Salvation through Christ is flawed.

If one doubts God's Word of the OT, then His NT is just as flawed. Therefore, one's salvation is flawed. And that is an area where I would not want to wander into.

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