21 July 2007

Too Many Coincidences...

These two pictures are way too close in so many ways...

1. Both are 'out of touch' with reality. Or, maybe they are too much in touch with reality. I was watching Benny Hinn (like an accident, when you scroll by it on the TV, you just cannot help to stop and stare in disbelief!) healing a lady from a limp she had. She could barely talk, as she mumbled most of her words. It was quite funny to watch.

2. One's name is Dr. Evil, and the other could be called Dr. Evil based on the Bible! Benny sucks in millions of dollars a year scamming people into believing he is healing them.

3. Birds of a feather, flock together! Hmm- just looking at the Benny-man's attire makes me laugh (not to mention his TV antics). It is amazing how anyone can take him seriously. But, the world is full of people who are 'foolish'.

4. They both think that they are going to 'win'. Just look at this world's scammers, especially the TV types. Many wind up disgraced, according to the world's standards. Unfortunately, the spiritual implications are much more serious.

I think they are the same person! Benny Hinn and Dr. Evil are the same people. They have the same personality, tailor, and outrageous methods to get what he wants.

They both belong in Ripley's...or at least the people who think the Benny-man is legitimate and send him money.


Susan said...

Separated at birth, perhaps?

Gator1995 said...


According to 'Scientific Observations', the probability is very likely!

Furthermore, Dr. Evil did try to clone himself in one of his movies, which can lead to the conclusion...hmm...


Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
The Bible tells us to overcome evil with good. If you percieve that this man is evil, then the best thing you can do for him is pray he will recieve truth and that he will eithter be saved or get freed from whatever problem you percieve troubles him. We are to do unto others and I don't think this is the best that you can do with your blog. Whenever we are trying to criticize others ( should it matter what one wears see James chapter 2 about how we can judge people about how they look and dress , not to mention that God looks at the inward) , well this is not right. Do unto others could be applied.
I pray you will know, that it is the Lord's love that leads to repentance. If you have a problem with anyone Scripture tells us to speak to that person and if that is not possible, we are to PRAY for them. We reap what you sow and when we plant seeds of scorn , we will be scorned.
I think you should not throw out the baby with the bath water. Perhaps it is hard for you to imagine, but I have known people who have been healed supernaturally watching Benny Hinn and one of them was a pastor who didn't even believe in "all this stuff." But, if you lived on morophine, to help you deal with chronic incurable pain, I guess you might get desperate enough to listen to what the Bible teaches about healing.Also, if you will listen to what Benny Hinn says, he always says God heals and that the greatest miracle that God performs, is the gift of salvation.
Please have more respect for yourself , by not doing to others, what you would not done to yourself.