05 March 2014

2 March 2014 Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflections

1.  Grace- as I completed my second Half-Marathon, The HEB Alamo Half Marathon, I had a different attitude about those running around me.  In the past I would routinely think in my mind, "I can't believe that person is out here running, he should spend more time away from the buffet.!"  However, I have noticed as I have gotten older, I now find myself thinking, 'Good for you, you are doing today what most people will never do."  I believe that God has given me an improving ability to think the best of people and have grace in my thoughts.

2.  Patience- my i-Phone died Saturday morning.  It would not restart after charging overnight.  Researched the web, went to a couple of stores to find an answer.  The last store told me to go to the Apple Store at the mall and they would probably replace it for free.  I was in panic mode as I was preparing for the above race and had all my running pod-casts and music all ready to go.  I was panicking!  However, after 30 minutes at the Apple Store, I had a new iPhone and all my 'stuff' restored and was ready to go!

3.  Family-  It has been a tough year being away from the family.  However, when I do get back home, I find that the time is very enjoyable.  I do not take for granted my wife or kids.  I love them all very much and cannot wait to get back to them each time I visit. 

4.  Friends-  Like any military school spending a year with my future colleagues at the Army-Baylor program, some will become friends for a lifetime.  I look forward to continually growing friendships.

5.  Faculty-  There are three teachers I have had throughout my academic life.  My H.S. Swim Coach and geography teacher, my Graduate School Research Advisor, and now will have two new mentors to add to my list.  These individuals have invested both professional and personal time in my growth and maturity.

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