13 June 2013

A new chapter and a new adventure for the Winslows

     On Wednesday, May 22nd we started on a new adventure.  Sadly for the next year, they are two adventures in two different locations.  Many significant events have taken place over the past couple of weeks.

1.  I started the Army-Baylor Master's of Healthcare Administration/MBA program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  It is year-long didactic program with a follow-on one year residency.  The program is a traditional two-year MHA/MBA program crammed into one year.  For someone who has not sat in a formal classroom in 20 years, it will be a challenge.

2.  We sold (unexpectedly very quick) our house. We did this as a future contingency- there is a chance that my residency would not be at Fort Knox.  This would avoid Rebekah from having to do all the things that would be required for her to sell the house one year from now.  This was a prudent, although strange to some, plan for us.  We moved out of the house and into an apartment in E'Town.  For the next year Rebekah won't have to worry about maintenance, lawn mowing, etc.  We will save a lot of money while I am in San Antonio.

3.  I am living in a 'trailer down by the river' in San Antonio.  We decided that it was less expensive for me to live in our camper at the 'Alamo Kampground of America'.  It is a very nice place so far.  It is exactly 2.1 miles from the 'School House' (Army Medical Department's Center and School) where my classes are located.

It is very difficult to be away from the family.  I miss them terribly, but I am not alone as there are about ten of us who are here without their families.  There is much more to write, but will write more later.

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