13 December 2012

Isaiah 31:1 - Isaiah 34:17

Isaia 34:2- the Lord is angry with ALL nations. He is coming with a sword not of peace, but a sword of blood. Those who are found unrighteous will be cut down. 

Those who are found blameless before Him will be rescued.  Only those who have Jesus as their mediator will be found blameless and rescued.

On a side note, a dear friend pass away last night after many years of battling cancer.  Milbrey was one of my nurses at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, in Beaufort, South Carolina.  We had much in common, two boys the same age, married the same year and graduated the same in high school and college. 

She leave behind two sons and a husband.  A sad day for the family, nothing can prepare a child for the death of their parent, no matter the age.

We will all miss Milbrey.

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