15 October 2008

Good Bye 'Little Buddy'

Our 'Little Buddy' left us last Thursday, 9 October 2008. We had 12 healthy and enjoyable years together. He was truly "Man's Best Friend".

It was a difficult time for us and our two boys. They are struggling, for the first time, about the concept of death. It is a productive and difficult experience, but is needed. It will make them stronger, especially spiritually. We have emphasized that only Man was created in God's image, not animals. However, God still loves animals, as he knows when 'every sparrow falls to the ground'. He has given Man the responsibility to care for the animals.

We don't know what happens to our beloved pets when they die, but we didn't give the boys a false sense of hope. What they do know is that God gave us the privilege of taking care of one of his very special animals, a miniature schnauzer named Oliver.

Oliver, from the first day we saw you with your brothers and sisters in Brandon Florida until last Wednesday, 8 October snuggling with you on the couch for the last time. You will always be our first 'Little Buddy'. There will be no others. We will always treasure our memories with you.

Oliver 'Little Buddy' Winslow
26 July 1996 - 9 October 2008

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