02 August 2008

Great New Site

I was introduced to a new website that shows how much Darwin was right. (Not really, his idea of survival of the fittest really looks good on paper...)

This site, http://www.fark.com/, is excellent in that it links many obscure and outrageous articles in a nice, neat format.

One interesting piece is where the author will offer up a recent published picture and ask people to 'Photo Shop' and post it. There are rules, but does not apply to 'Sacrilege'. For example, there is a photo of Barack "I'm a Marxist Baby Killer" Hussein Obama on a plane surrounded by reporters. Here is what some came up with:

1. Obama's face superimposed on Jesus' body with the 'masses' in awe of him.

2. Obama's face superimposed on Jesus' body with the 'Little Children' surrounding him.

3. Obama's body replacing Charlton Heston's parting the Red Sea and leading the Hebrews to the Promised Land.

All very wrong, but yet at the same time, sadly thought of true by many of his adoring fans...

Hmm, and we let these people vote...

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