23 December 2006

Christmas with Snoopy and the Red Baron

"Somewhere behind the French lines..." Snoopy and the Red Baron duelling it out over the German Skies during WWI. The Royal Guardsmen did this album many years ago and tells the story about Snoopy's Sopwith Camel (his Doghouse) and his Christmas Day shootout with the Red Baron.
The Red Baron forces Snoopy down 'behind enemy line' to celebrate Christmas with him.
It is a song and story I grew up with as a kid. One of the Royal Guardsmen has the same name as my father, and for the longest time, my Dad said it was him (and kind of looked like him back in the 60's). I later realized that my dad did not have the singing genes to do this!
Christmas Bells ringing throughout the land, bringing Peace to all the World and Goodwill to all Men.
Of course, Snoopy has these visions and dreams throughout all the Peanuts episodes. Remember the Great Pumpkin episode with Linus and Snoopy lowcrawling through the pumpkin patch? I don't think our dog has those kind of dreams. But then again, we really don't know what dogs dream about. Either way, we didn't get a call from Donald Rumsfeld, Tommy Franks or Colin Powell for our dog to help in the air war in Iraq.
Hmm... I guess Snoopy is retired . We could use a good ACE like Snoopy these days!

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